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We write the story of our life one thought, one daydream, one word at a time. I'm on my 50th draft of a story called "Barry" and it's very much a work in progress - red pens and Post-it notes everywhere. The older I get, the more I enjoy the revision process, asking "What if?" and "Why not?"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

War and Recession

You've heard the story that Mother Teresa refused to attend an anti-war rally. "Hold a peace rally," she said, "and I'll be there." So what can you do when the world declares "war" on recession and you can't escape the gloomy news?

Be creative. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone has told you to look for the silver lining, but the lining is frayed. So how can we have fun with this? Why don't we create a network of tweets with imaginative ways to stretch a budget?

Here's an example: eat your pantry/cupboard/refrigerator bare before you grocery shop again. Be honest. You have a can of something at the back of a shelf older than you want to admit. I recently heard of a friend who found a can in his kitchen of LeSeur Peas dated 1986. He had moved it to a new shelf in a new pantry in a new home five times.

Make it a game. Pair things in inventive ways. Share outrageous recipes. See how long it takes you to reach bare naked shelves. Anyone up for this challenge?

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